You know you grew up in the ’80’s when you worry about these 17 things…but fear not we have the solutions!

Are you pushing 40 or already playing throughm ya we’re all complaining about these things…

1. Your lower back is killing you, or is it your neck hurting today…oh for the love of God you hurt all over!

It might have been that reformer Pilates class on Monday, or was it when you picked up your 6 year old to keep him from running out into traffic, and tweaked something? Whatever it is, there seems to be a new ache and pain on the daily, and no amount of stretching, or popping pills seems to give you relief.

Well, first maybe try out something on your skin rather than swallowing the mystery pill. Much easier to manage that inflammation, keep it on for 24 hrs, and replace it each morning. To start the day with like a recharged battery pack of over 200 natural inflammation healing ingredients that emanate through your skin, into your nerve endings and relieve your pain.

If you check out their sold out Amazon page

Luminas is an amazing product changing people’s lives that suffer from pain, check out a ton more info on the product in this article on their site:


2. You are now setting a quota on laughs just to minimize the deepening creases showing up around your eyes, forehead and mouth…Where did they all come from and so fast?


3. You can’t seem to get rid of that extra 10 pounds of pooch on your belly, thighs, and booty

4. You start simplifying your nighttime  makeup routine cuz that bed looks so good at this hour

5. Netflix and Chill is as sexy as

6. 10 hours a day for a couple decades hunched over a computer or your phone, your posture is horrifying


7. Is it the coffee, or cigarettes that have turned your dulled your smile, but you are obsessed with getting white teeth like all the Insta-Models


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