The Monolid Movement – Tina Yong

How one woman is changing the world of mono-lid makeup

When I first started getting into makeup, YouTube was the answer and inspiration for my learning process and I love keeping up with the latest beauty gurus and their crazy gorgeous makeup tutorials. Being Chinese, I don’t have the typical eye structures that a lot of beauty gurus out there make tutorials one, I have hooded eyelids or ‘monolids’. One of the most amazing YouTubers who provide a variety of videos for all sorts of people is Tina Yong. All of her content is amazing and she has the 2.4 million subscribers to prove it!

Tina Yong, 28, is an Vietnamese-Australian makeup artist and creative influencer who is now living in Singapore. Although she began as a freelance graphic designer, Tina moved onto creating her own hair and makeup business at the age of 21. 5 years ago, she posted her first makeup tutorial on YouTube and has since expanded and established her presence in all areas of influence like travel, lifestyle, hair & makeup, and blogging.

Some videos that Tina posts on her self-titled channel include makeup tutorials, international inspired tutorials – like Kpop, product reviews, much more. On her channel there are different playlists to chose from like “Beauty Around the World”, “Tina Tires It!”, and “TinaSCOPE videos”. Her TinaSCOPE series is exactly what the name describes. She bought a handheld microscope and shows subscribers microscopic views of different things here and there…like her mascara on her eyelashes! Honestly, it’s the series no one asked for, but everyone loves. She also has a secondary vlogging channel where subscribers can learn more about her day-to-day adventures and more lifestyle-esque content.

Being an Asian beauty influencer, Tina realized that having mono-lids in a westernized double-eyelid makeup market sometimes would sometimes make for some awkward application issues. While working with clients and her own makeup, she didn’t think that traditional falsies were doing the best job, and so she decided to do something about it. She started a beauty shop called Petite Cosmetics where she has false lashes specially designed for hooded and mono-lid eyes. My fellow hooded eye ladies…this is a BLESSING. These falsies are individually hand crafted from quality synthetic fibres and are 100% animal cruelty free. I relate with this on such a personal level because I’ve had so many issues with trying to find the perfect falsies, but I always thought the problem was my eyes, not the lashes. Tina Yong’s Petite Cosmetics lashes has changed the mono-lid world for falsies and I sincerely hope she’ll continue on this path for all of us! (Even if you don’t have mono-lids, these lashes would still look amazing on you, just saying).

Tina Creative and Petite Cosmetics are 2 of the 3 business brands that Tina has curated and developed. The third is Mark & Scribe, a makeup bag brand that “is all about creating vegan and cruelty free products with a sophisticated and chic finish”. With materials scouted from all around the world, she is focused 100% on providing the best quality for every customer and I’ll bet everything that it’s evident in the product.

Tina is an inspiration for me and many others that you can be anything you work towards. Starting from being a freelance graphic designer, she created her own make-up empire and became a kickass boss of 3 brands and her own YouTube channel! I’ve been eye-ing a pair of her mono-lid falsies for the longest time now and after typing up this post, I think it’s about time I went and got a pair. Be sure to check out Tina Yong on YouTube and Instagram to see more of her! At 2.4 million subscribers, there’s no stopping her rise to the top along with all these other makeup and beauty influencers who have all become such strong inspirations for ladies all over the world!


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