Jeffree Star Cosmetics- founded by a makeup artist after our own hearts.

This week we are spotlighting some of our favorite Indie makeup brands and obviously, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is on the list. With over a million Youtube subscribers, we can be sure that makeup artist and founder, Jeffree Star knows what he is doing.

If you love makeup, you probably love Youtube, and if you love Youtube you’ve definitely come across Jeffree Star. He is one of the biggest beauty vloggers online, with an estimated revenue of $1.7 million per year. However, not many people know that he actually rose to fame much before his beauty endeavors- he was the most followed person on MySpace in 2006, a platform he used as a musician to promote his music. Though he released a single Lollipop Luxury with Nicki Minaj and even got signed on by Akon, his music career didn’t quite take off, and he soon left the industry in 2013.

Jeffree started his cosmetics line in 2014, first launching three liquid lip colors that went viral. He says “formulas from other brands sucked—they were too dry, too patchy, they crumbled up and looked horrible after an hour—so I spent six months in makeup labs and perfected my formula.” Now he has expanded his line to include products for the face, eyes and even has fashion items and other accessories. Jeffree stresses his plans on staying an indie brand because he wants to be in full control of the full production process, ensuring the highest quality.

His top 3 best selling products are his liquid lipsticks in the colors Unicorn Blood, Androgyny and Celebrity Skin (all shown above respectively). Each of these lipsticks can be purchased solely through his website for $18. The product is opaque, dries matte and stays on for hours- it is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

His latest summer launch featuring his latest Thirsty Palette is also picking up lots of popularity recently, making the rounds all over social media. Check out Jeffree Star’s tutorial on how to create a colorful look with this palette- keep in mind that Jeffree’s style always leans towards being over-the-top, but who says that’s a bad thing right?

Also worth mentioning from his summer launch is the new set of liquid lipstick colors which feature some bold colors and shimmery metallics.

Jeffree Star tells Nylon “I want to make my own moisturizer and foundation—I want to have a full line,” so keep checking back to his website for more to come!


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