This Purple Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial Is Everything!

Brought to you by the one and only @MakeupByMicaylah!

Reds, oranges, maroons, and yellows are all truly gorgeous fall colours. But in case you’re looking to try something new and groundbreaking, we suggest experimenting with cooler tones.  How about playing around with some purple?

Here, lovely Micaylah (@MakeupByMicaylah) shows us how to create this gorgeous purple cut crease eyeshadow in some quick and easy steps.

Step 1: Get your eyes glammed up

After setting your filling in your brows, prime your eyes with concealer or an eye primer, then generously apply the deepest purple colour in Nicka K’s Perfect Twenty-Three Colors Eyeshadow Set onto your eye’s outer corner and crease (remember to use sweeping motions with your brush to ensure the product blends out nicely). Following this, apply some of the black eyeshadow from the palette on top of this layer in the same way. Now, apply some of the lightest shade of purple all over your eyelid. Once this is done, add some glitter to your eyelid with Nicka K’s Radiant Liquid Eye Shadow. Next, use the darker blue shade of the Radiant Liquid Eye Shadow to define your crease and also to create an eyeliner wing. Finish up your eyes by generously applying Nicka K’s Mighty Lash Mascara on to your eyelashes.

Step 2: Get your face ready

Begin by priming your face with L.A. Girl Cosmetics Pro Prep Smoothing Face Primer, this will make sure to hold your makeup in place while also blurring away any blemishes. Then apply NYX Cosmetic’s Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation with a beauty blender for that airbrushed effect. You will notice how easily this formula glides across your face preventing a cakey look while still covering all blemishes.

Step 3: Define your face 

Use Rude Cosmetic’s Undaunted palette to contour your face. Apply one of the bronzer shades to your cheekbones to define them, making your face shape look more angular. Then use Milani Cosmetic’s Baked Blush to add some colour to the apple of your cheeks. Finally, use the lightest shade in the undaunted palette to add some highlight to your face.

Step 4: Pucker up

Finish off this gorgeous look with some lipstick. Since the eyes are already stealing the show, keep the lips nude. Micaylah is using Absolute’s Ultra Slick Lipstick in the Tranquil shade. This lipstick is ultra hydrating and will make your lips not only feel but also look buttery and soft!

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