How To Achieve Glowy, Healthy Skin in 5 Minutes!

Secrets shared by skincare enthusiast and blogger @DominikaNova.

I wanted to write a post that incorporates both skincare and makeup. I have curated my top picks from BeautySphere to achieve glowy, healthy skin in under 5 minutes!

Please note that I have reviewed each of the products below very carefully as I would not recommend a product that has sensitizing ingredients or wasteful packaging such as a jar because crucial ingredients oxidize as soon as the jar is opened.

The first step to glowy skin is to cleanse with a non-irritating cleanser or micellar water. After cleansing, I apply a few drops of Time Revolution Essence onto a cotton pad and gently pat directly onto my skin. What I love about this essence is how simple it makes adding beneficial and hydrating ingredients like Niacinamide – skin restoring, and Betaine – balances skin’s hydration. The main ingredient in this product is fermented yeast concentrate (Saccharomyces ferment Filtrate). Fermented yeast is actually a good antioxidant, and also aids in softening the skin.

*The only downside to this essence is the ingredient, Acetic acid, which can potentially be sensitizing to the skin, however it also has disinfecting properties (bacteria, etc).

Next up, I decided to mix things up (literally) by combining a hyaluronic acid serum by Mizon with a hydrating primer by e.l.f. The reason why I decided to mix the two together is because both are very similar in texture/consistency and it’s always a good idea to add HA (hyaluronic acid) to restore skin’s moisture level, soothe, and prevent moisture loss. The serum is perfect because not only is it fragrance/colour/paraben free, it also contains skin-replenishing ingredients like Carppyl/capric Triglyceride. The ingredients list does include C14-22alcohol, and although you see ‘alcohol’, which is a sensitizing ingredient, this one is ok because it’s a fatty alcohol (non-irritating & beneficial).

A primer is essentially a fancy term for a moisturizer that works very well as the base for makeup, which I’m sure you all know. The hydrating primer by e.l.f. that I mentioned above contains antioxidant-rich grape seed oil and multi-vitamins that nourish and hydrate the skin. It has a gorgeous silky texture and all in all is a huge beauty bargain for what is inside the bottle.

There is no way I’m forgetting SPF in my morning routine! This foundation serum by e.l.f. is a very good option because it is fragrance-free, and contains antioxidants, however, it will not provide the optimal sun protection your skin needs every day, which is SPF 30+. Although this lacks the SPF rating (SPF 25), I do have to say that I am very impressed that the brand decided to formulate this foundation with broad-spectrum sun protection, including physical mineral ingredient, zinc oxide. I personally only use mineral SPF’s (zinc oxide & titanium dioxide) as they are ultimately the best for sensitive skin. I absolutely love how lightweight this foundation serum is because I don’t like using heavy feeling makeup, and prefer a more natural-looking finish. I blended this in with the Real Techniques sponge which created an easy to blend, flawless matte finish. By the way, this is my very first time using a sponge to blend in foundation (I usually use my fingers), and I am completely hooked – highly recommend this one!

Finishing things off with a glossy lip that is both super natural looking and hydrating as well, this e.l.f. Essential Lip Balm Tint hits it out of the ball park – it is less than $5, hydrating, and gives you that ‘your lips but better’ look that is perfect for everyone.

PS – I always say it is best to alternate skincare, not just seasonally, but also on a daily or weekly basis to keep your skin well nourished with antioxidants, hydration, skin-replenishing ingredients, and looking its best!

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