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Quiz: What Makeup Suits Your Back-To-School Fall Style?

Makeup is a wonderful thing. It is a tool for all of us to express our creativity and artistry, or even a means of feeling beautifully confident. But at times, it can be overwhelming. With so many products brought to market it can be hard to know just what you need in your collection. Is that new eye shadow pallet worth the splurge? Will colour correcting really make a difference? Should you upgrade from mascara to false lashes? The list goes on.

For a lot of us girls, our makeup preferences can depend on our lifestyle. Do you work from home? Or are you stationed in the big city and in and out of meetings? Do you spend most of your time studying at school, or taking care of the kids? Are you willing to spend 30 minutes each morning on your routine, or are you looking for quick fix as you run out the door?

Our recommended makeup looks are geared toward one thing – you! So whether you work in an office or restaurant, spend more time with friends or at the gym – take this quiz to better understand your makeup needs, to ensure the products you buy are the products you love!

  • How often do you wear makeup?

    • I wear it once or twice a week
    • About 3-5 days a week
    • Everyday – I never leave the house without it
    • Almost never – except for special occasions only
  • What is your current go-to look?

    • Very natural – I like the “no makeup” makeup look
    • Full glam – I want to look snatched!
    • I’m somewhere in between – it depends on the day
    • I don’t typically wear makeup
    • I don’t have a “go-to” look, I love changing it up everyday of the week!
  • How long does it take you to get ready?

    • No time at all, I don’t wear makeup most days.
    • 15 minutes tops – l don’t want to get up any earlier than I have to
    • 30 minutes – I spend some time on my routine, I want to feel my good to take on the day
    • HOURS – my winged liner has to be PERFECT!
  • What makeup product can you NOT live without?

    • Eye products – I love eye shadow pallets, liners, lashes and mascara
    • Lip products – I love lining and applying lipstick and gloss
    • Face products – I wear foundation, powder, blush, contour and highlight at all times
    • I don’t have any “essential” products… as long as I have my chapstick I am good to go
  • How important are makeup tools to you?

    • What tools? I apply foundation with my fingers
    • What tools? I apply foundation with my fingers
    • I’ve got it all! A brush kit – some for the face, eyes – oh and don’t forget my collection of beauty sponges!
  • What makeup product COULD you live without?

    • Powder – what is that stuff for anyway?
    • Eyeshadow – it would be hard but if I had EVERYTHING ELSE.. I’d be okay… I think
    • Foundation – it might be good to let my skin breathe anyway
  • What is your favourite social activity?

    • I’m active – I love the gym, and any sport
    • I’m social – I love going out for a night on the town
    • I’m low key – I hang with my friends, we love watching movies
  • Why do you wear makeup?

    • I’m creative – I love working with shadow colours and exploring new looks
    • It makes me feel good – I use makeup to enhance my features!
    • I only use it when I need to, like when I have a particularly bad zit!
  • How would you describe your personal style?

    • Casual – I want to look cute and comfy!
    • Fancy – I have a full aesthetic and love heels and dresses
    • Style? What style. I put on clean clothes
  • What is your favourite feature?

    • Eyes or eyebrows
    • Lips or smile
    • Cheeks or bone structure
  • What makeup look do you like better?

    • Natural Makeup
    • Heavy Makeup
  • Do you style your hair?

    • Yes – everyday
    • No – I usually tie it back or just brush it quickly
    • Sometimes
  • What outfit matches your personal style best?

    • I live in my sweats
    • Fashionable and feminine
    • Cute but comfortable!
  • What is your go to eye look?

    • Falsies, winged liner, eyeshadow. I love do it all!
    • Naked – I don’t wear eye makeup
    • I throw on a little liner, maybe shadow.. Nothing too fancy
  • What is your favourite lip look?

    • BOLD – I wear a different colour everyday!
    • I am very basic, some balm and I’m good to go
    • I wear lipstick, but I keep it natural
    • Sometimes I add a pop of colour to my lip look
  • What face products are your fave?

    • Favourite? I can’t choose – I use foundation, contour, concealer, highlight, blush…
    • I keep it simple, a little foundation and bronzer
    • I cover up my blemishes, but that’s about it
    • I prefer to let my skin breathe, I don’t wear much at all
    • I never wear face makeup
  • Which hairstyle do you wear most often?

    • The bun – it’s quick and easy
    • I change it up – I love unique looks like this cute braid and bun combo!
    • I spend time curling or straightening my hair most days
    • I brush my hair, but that’s about it
  • Do you consider yourself high or low maintenance?

    • High maintenance
    • Low maintenance
    • Somewhere in between
  • On a Friday night you are most likely to be…?

    • In my pj’s, watching Netflix
    • Dancing the night away with my girls
    • At the gym gettin’ my sweat on
    • At a friend’s house
  • You’re on vacation and realize you forgot your makeup bag. What do you do?

    • PANIC!!!!!
    • Who cares, I can get by without any makeup.
    • It’s a bummer, but not the end of the world. Maybe I’ll borrow something from a friend.

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