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Quiz: Which YouTube Beauty Guru is Your Spirit Animal?

Chances are if you’re a makeup junkie, you’re a YouTube junkie – the two go hand in hand.

  • Which personality traits best describes you?

    • Badass & Bold
    • Boujee & Extra
    • Knowledgable & Informative
    • Thorough & Curious
    • Relaxing & Laidback
  • When you watch YouTube you are looking for:

    • Tutorials… and maybe a litle gossip
    • Reviews, Demos, Hauls
    • Everything from beauty, to vlogs, to unsolved mysteries
    • Educate me… I want to know about ingredients, undertones, the whole 9 yards!
    • Beauty content, some colabs, and maybe even a mukbang or two!
  • What type of makeup do you like best?

    • A combination of high end and drugstore
    • High-end
    • Luxury – the absolute best of the best
    • Cruelty-free, organic, vegan
    • I am open to all makeup… I read the labels, ingredients, reviews, and compare to see what will best suit my needs
  • Your favourite makeup product is…?

    • Highlight
    • Anything luxurious, money is not an object
    • I love creating bold eyeshadow looks with pallets and singles!
    • I love it all… foundation, lipstick, bronzer, blush…
    • I love them lippies!
  • Your go to look is…?

    • Glowy, dewy and radiant
    • Full glam, I don’t leave the house without looking snatched!
    • It depends on my mood, I like to look natural some days, but if I have more time I also enjoy getting glam!
    • Neutral most days – sometimes I add a pop of colour to my eyes
    • Full glam EVERYTHING! Makeup is just the beginning – I wear extensions and am not opposed to having some work done!
  • What article of clothing would you want to add to your closet most?

    • Bold, bright, something no one else owns
    • It’s all about the accessories, honey!
    • Something simple, classy and elegant
    • I just want to be comfy!
    • Something feminine and sleeveless to show off my tattoos!
  • You like Beauty Gurus that are…?

    • Informative & Honest
    • Original
    • Cruelty Free & Sustainable
    • Bold & Boujee
    • Helpful & Practical
  • On YouTube you are most likely to watch…?

    • Jaclyn Hill
    • Jeffree Star
    • Tati Westbrook
    • Stephanie Nicole
    • Bella Fiori
  • How do you style your hair?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I change the colour and style often
    • I like unique vibrant tones like pink, purple and silver
    • A blunt bob
  • Some of your favourite brands are…?

    • Chanel, Morphe, Hourglass
    • La Mer, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Chanel, Gucci
    • Viseart, Sunday Riley, Melt Cosmetics
    • Benefit, Wet n Wild
    • Cruelty free brands like e.l.f
  • The term that best describes your makeup collection is…?

    • Balanced, with both high-end and drugstore products
    • Very luxury, you only purchase the absolute best
    • Cruelty free, vegan, organic
    • Limited, you do thorough research and only purchase what you need
    • Extensive, you love all things beauty – and buy every new product as it launches whether it is high-end or drugstore
  • In your spare time you enjoy…?

    • Music
    • Spending quality time with the family
    • Spending quality time with the boyfriend – and vlogging every minute of it!
    • Working
    • Shopping
  • Your ideal vacation would be in..?

    • Australia
    • Anywhere in the world – as long as your loved ones can come too!
    • As long as it’s a 5 star resort – I’m good to go!
    • LA – you love the hustle and bustle of the city
    • San Francisco
  • Your skin care routine is…?

    • Regimented and heavily researched – always!
    • Important – I want to look young and healthy for years to come!
    • Expensive – I am willing to spend more for the BEST results!
    • Lacking – I am awful at sticking to my routine!
    • It changes – I use new products often on my search for glowing skin!
  • Your main skin concern is…?

    • Combination – dry patches and oily t-zone
    • Anti-aging
    • To be honest my skin is fine without much effort
    • Sun damage, discolouration and pigmentation
    • Dryness, I want to glow!
  • Your friends would say you are…?

    • Funny & lighthearted
    • Bold & outspoken
    • Studious & Intelligent
    • Sarcastic with dry wit
    • Classy & elegant
  • Your dream career is…?

    • Anything artistic – whether its music, fashion or makeup related
    • Investigative journalism
    • I am business savvy – something in that sector
    • I want to become a MUA – I love all things beauty
    • A social influencer
  • The most money you would spend on a makeup product is…?

    • $50 – you try to find value in more affordable makeup
    • $100 – you will occasionally splurge
    • $150 -after thorough research you may spend a pretty penny for the right product (maybe)
    • $200 – it’s not uncommon for you to buy high-end makeup
    • $200+ – you don’t ever look at the price tag, you buy what you want

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