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The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Glam

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With the holidays and New Year’s Eve right around the corner, sparkle, glitter, and shine aren’t accepted – they’re encouraged.

But let’s not get too out of hand. Just because the holidays are the prime time to rock shimmer and gleam it doesn’t mean we need to bathe in them either. Going overboard will have you on the naughty list (sorry, not sorry).  So here, we’re going to walk you through the crucial do’s and don’ts of holiday glam to help you avoid looking like a hot mess. And while you’re at it watch the video below to see how our girlfriend, Shannon Ashley (HeyShannonAshley), does holiday glam the right way.

DO. Apply Shimmery Eyeshadow With Caution

Although shimmery and glittery pigments look delicate and pretty, they’re tough af. Meaning, they’re super tough to remove once you’ve messed up (yeah, it happens to all of us). Which is why we recommend applying with precision with a great blending fluffy brush or a small flat brush.  In case you haven’t played with these pigments before, try using the Rude Fairy Tales 35 Eyeshadow Palette of endless options and possibilities. This palette includes 35 different colours to choose from. Mixing and matching shades for a bold shimmery look, yet wearable look is super easy to achieve with this palette. To make your shimmery eye look really pop, use the L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer as a base and apply on to the eyelids before applying eyeshadow. A little sparkly shadow on the eyelids goes a long way and can take your look from mediocre to poppin’.

DON’T. Let The Wings Of Your Eyeliner Fly Out Without Control

Eyeliner is an art. There’s really no secret to nailing the perfect winged liner other than lots of practice. But with that said, picking the right eyeliner can really make a difference. Reduce the possibility of a holiday mess with the L.A. Girl Fineline Eyeliner. The fine-tip liner can make an eyeliner beginner a pro easily by creating a thin, precise line in just one stroke! The soft flexible tip helps you with precision and control and makes the wings of your eyeliner just the right amount.

DO. Perfect Your Complexion With The Right Foundation and Concealer

What’s sparkle without glow? Creating a flawless complexion with a believable glow is made easy with The L.A. Girl Pro Matte Foundation. This foundation evens out skin tone with a soft suede matte (not cakey) finish which makes a perfect pair with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer. Adding this concealer under the eyes and on the high points of the face will help contour and bring light to the right areas of your face. Lock it all in with the Maybelline Fit Me! Loose Finishing Powder. This powder has long-lasting power that will keep your skin looking even from the start of the party all the way through to the after party.

DON’T. Forget Your Lashes

No glam look is complete without bold lashes. The L.A. Girl Fiber Lash Mascara is the ultimate lash-lengthening mascara that is formulated with buildable fibres working to add length and volume at the same time. This is essential in your makeup bag that will leave your lashes with an effortless fanned out finish!

DO Use A Bold Lip That Actually Lasts

Lastly, a quintessential holiday party staple is, a bold lip! You need something that will hold you through the appies, drinks, and meal courses without any smears or stains. The Rude Notorious Lip Color in Deeply Disturbed is hands down the perfect bold lippie you’ve been looking for. High pigment, matte-finish that delivers a rich and intense colour on the lips. Experimenting with new colours can be scary sometimes, but with Rude Notorious Lip Color line, it’s hard not to want to try every colour in this fabulous collection.

These holiday glam do’s and don’ts, we promise you’ll be the talk of every holiday soiree and gathering. Happy holidays and take lots of selfies (no filters needed).
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