Here’s the How, What and Why of the Triple Cleanse.

Your skin is going to feel brand new after this 3-step routine.

In case you haven’t seen this K-beauty trend all over social media lately, triple-cleansing basically takes the tried-and-tested double cleansing to another level. As it’s name suggests, triple cleansing involves cleaning your skin in three different steps; starting first with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a gel cleanser, and then scrubbing thoroughly with a brush. This extra round of cleaning will make sure every single bit of dirt gets removed from your face, ensuring that your skin is fully open to the serums and moisturizers you apply on next—in other words, effective skin rejuvenation. If you are someone who wears a lot of makeup on a daily basis, or suffers from oily skin and acne, this routine is especially what you need to implement into your beauty regime once a week.

Here’s how you can start triple cleansing today:

1. Start your first face wash with Banila Co’s Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm.

Wash your face thoroughly with this oil-based cleanser, making sure to rub in in circular motions all over the full surface of your face. This product contains papaya extract as a gentle exfoliator to break down dead cells, while still being gentle on your skin. Moreover, the formula is infused with acerola extract which tones your skin as well. Talk about a 2 for 1 deal!

2. Next, use COSRX’s Low PH Morning Gel Cleanser for your second face wash.

While your face is still wet, apply a generous amount of this product on your skin massaging it in again in circular motions all over. This formula is contains antibacterial tea tree oil which fights against all blemishes, and also contains BHA which combats any oil. Before washing this off your face, carry out step 3…

3. Finally, use Absolute’s Automated Facial Brush to exfoliate.

Use the facial brush to rub in all lather accumulated from the gel cleanser into your skin. The brush will ensure the cleanser throughly enters all your pores, cleaning out all the dirt, while also using it’s bristles to scrub off old skin cells. Absolute’s brush is especially great because it has a 360 degree rotating head which makes sure all areas of your skin are reached, with 2 adjustable speed settings as well, which allows you to choose a more intense or light exfoliation depending on your preference.

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