@EmmaRoseOsborn Walks Us Through Her Winter Nighttime Skincare Routine

Emma Shows Us How to Achieve Beautiful Skin even in this cold weather

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Making the necessary changes to our skincare routine to cater to the harsh winter weather can be pretty daunting. So to help you out, we reached out to our friend, Emma Osborn (@EmmaRoseOsborn) founder of Clothropology, to give us the 411 on why it’s important to have a winter skincare routine. Here, Emma walks us through her simple six-step routine. (The blog below was originally posted on

Maybe I am the only one, but every year, winter takes me and my skin by surprise. I usually have very normal skin, not oily or dry, and I can keep my skincare routine simple. As I get older and since moving to Northeast Ohio for school a few years ago, my simple skincare regime doesn’t quite cut it in the bitter Winter months leaving my skin dry and dull. This year I finally have found a combo of products that do the trick all from I’m so excited to share my simple 6-step routine to glowing, hydrated and BEAUTIFUL skin even in this frigid weather.

1. First Cleanse: Before ANY skin care routine no matter what time of year we should always be double cleansing. Double cleansing is a technique I learned a few years ago that has changed my skin drastically, not to mention is so easy to do. Cleaning your face using two methods ensures all makeup and dirt is removed from the skin which also allows for the products that follow cleansing to work even better. You can use a cleansing oil, or even just a makeup removing wipe. I go the wipe route, but for a more Mother-Earth-friendly option, coconut oil works well too!

2. Second Cleanse: Next in the double cleanse comes the second cleanse (duh?). This is where your regular daily comes into play. During the rest of the year I like to use a bar soap to wash my face because of their simple ingredients and how easy they are on the environment, but many times they are too stripping for the winter months and leave my skin dry. I have switched to using the Innisfree Green Tea Morning Cleanser. I LOVE this stuff guys. It is a cleansing gel that is super gentle and not drying at all. Perfect for my dry skin that still needs to be washed. It contains great ingredients, and although it is designed for the morning works great in a simple nighttime routine as well. It is designed to maintain your skin’s natural pH balance, and because of this, I have been able to stop using a skin balancing toner I previously used to correct the issue.

3. Mask: This is a step that I don’t do every night, but about 1-2 times a week. I use the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. This clay mask is able to pull out the impurities in my skin that will come in the Winter without over-drying my skin like many other clay masks. The mask leaves my skin feeling deep cleaned, smooth and looking radiant. It has been a lifesaver for helping get rid of that dull, lacklustre appearance my skin tends to take on from wind and cold temperatures.

4. Serum: This has got to be my absolute favorite step guys, and if you jump on board for any products mentioned in this post PLEASE let it be the Mizon Original Skin Energy Hyaluronic Acid 100 Serum. Now I know what you are thinking, acid? Really? For my DRY skin?? The answer is yes. I have been wanting to try a Hyaluronic Acid product for so long but held off because they tend to be pricey. This one from Beauty Sphere comes at a fraction of the price and reaps great benefits. Hyaluronic Acid helps to make skin feel and look suppler, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reduce redness. It works by binding to water and helping your skin retain moisture. This means that the moisturizing products you use after this serum will deliver more benefits to your skin than when applied without the serum before. I cannot rave enough about this stuff people.

5. Moisturize: This step seems pretty obvious, but there are still a few ways to help your skin out a little more. Many times cleansers from a company also have an accompanying moisturizer from the same company and line. These two products are designed to work together and play off one another. For this reason, I recommend using the Green Tea Balancing Cream from the same Innisfree line. It is a cream which is richer and provides deeper moisture. It also has the great, moisturizing green tea and fruit extract ingredients that are a total plus.

6. Oil: Lastly, I like to follow up a few days a week with a face oil. I do this on days where my skin feels extra dry. I like to use 100% natural oils. Some of my favourites are Argan and Jojoba oil, but in case you’re looking for a more protective alternative I suggest ending your routine with Neroli Oil. Seal and rebuild your skin’s moisture barrier with Rovectin’s Barrier Repair Face Oil. Formulated with rich natural Neroli Oil, this oil is designed to penetrate and feed with your skin with the essential properties and nutrients to ensure your skin is protected from all elements.

I hope you guys could take away a few tips from my new routine that I have been implementing the last few months as it begins to get chillier.

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